For many years Thelma and I have been collecting the leaves which have fallen from our family trees. Our genealogy pages show such information as we have to date, excepting any information on living individuals which is all withheld because of data protection issues.

We have published this genealogy data to help anybody searching out their family tree: we do not regard it as our copyright, but we do forbid any sale for profit of the information we put up for free. The data on these pages is correct to the best of our knowledge, but will almost inevitably contain errors. Please email us if you find errors or if you have additional information. Names suffixed by an asterisk denote individuals who need to be further verified.

We maintain the genealogy database on a PC and then occasionally upload it to our website where the pages you see are generated dynamically. ALL details of ALL living individuals are withheld from view. Sometimes when neither the birth nor death dates are present this results in a deceased individual being marked as living and consequently hidden from view. If you suspect that a deceased person is being hidden from view on this site then please email us us and we will reveal them.