A work in progress, these are scans of a growing personal collection of several hundred local historical postcards from around Chalfont St Peter, and including Austenwood, Gold Hill, Chalfont Common and Horn Hill , the Epilepsy Society (known historically as The Colony), Gerrards Cross, Layters Green, Seer Green, Jordans, Chalfont St Giles and Three Households.  If you enjoy browsing this archive then please tell your friends: our local history belongs to us all.  The image quality of some of the real photographic cards has degenerated with time and I have edited these images to bring them back closer to their original appearance.

I am indebted to the late Audrey Wheelband and the late Colin Seabright amongst others who in previous years have collected images (in many cases these self same postcards) and written down and published details of the history of our villages. I am also indebted to the original photographers and publishers who enabled these images to be preserved for posterity.  The earlier pictures are now out of copyright and the position is unclear with regard to the more recent images.  If anyone believes (s)he owns the copyright then I would be delighted to hear from them with a view to acknowledging this.  Images from this site are not to be reproduced by others without my written permission.  Finally, I am especially indebted to Martin Freudenreich who has, with endless patience, enthusiasm and knowledge of scripting, worked miracles in helping to get this section of the site functioning.

If you select any small image of a postcard from a thumbnails page it will open in a new page with a larger image of that card, a description and a map of the location. The three icons above that postcard image will take you to details of the other side of the card, or the previous and next cards in this section.  Moving your mouse over the main image, or moving your finger on a touchscreen, you will see an enlarged detail.